Saturday, December 29, 2012


We opened presents on Christmas morning. 
Brian and I got a card from Jon.

Matthew opened the first present. 

He had been playing with this wrapped ball for a few weeks already.  Kicking and throwing it around the house.  He probably was wondering why it had red paper on it.  

Peter got some Incredible Hulk underwear. 

Andrew opened some Super Heroes Legos.

Jon also got some Legos. 

Faith got a certificate for a day of shopping.

Alyssa got one too.

James got a new XBox game.

Matthew also got a Woody doll from Toy Story. 
Brian and I had taken Peter and Matthew shopping a few weeks ago.  Woody caught Matthew's eye and he sat in the cart hugging him while we finished our shopping.  We bought him and wrapped him up for Christmas.  It's easy to shop for a 1 year old. 
This doll has already freaked me out at least twice.  I saw Jon out of the corner of my eye - it looked like he was tossing Matthew up into the air and catching him - but it was Woody. 
I was up with Matthew in the middle of the night that night and I thought I saw Peter sitting on the couch in the complete dark but it was Woody on the couch.  Freaked me out again! 

Christmas afternoon was spent on construction.

Birds eye view of the work that remains.

Jon's on the left and Peter's on the right.

Peter and Finn McMissile.

Finally done! 
So the kids played and we ate lasagna something for lunch . . . I'm not going to talk about it.
I talked to G&G Berg on the phone and then Auntie Jessie called me to say Merry Christmas. 
We talked for awhile and she mentioned something about ice cream.  It reminded me that we had a present sitting in the freezer for Andrew that we had completely forgotten about. 

His very own Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 
It was on his list.
And I said to Jess, "it's a good thing I called you!" 
And she said, "I called YOU!"
And we laughed and laughed and I apologized for my fried brain!! 
A couple of days after Christmas I was passing out leftover kisses to the kids. 
I counted out 7 and was taken aback by how many kisses that was.

A kiss for each kid
Brian took the boys out shopping with their Christmas money. 

Here is what they looked like when they came home! 
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! 


The Resident Farmer said...

Hey, I left a comment a couple of days ago. Where did it go? Anyway awesome post with awesome pics! Happy New Year!


Wife of the Farmer said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Happy New Year!!
love you all,