Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Self Timer Fun!!

My new camera has been tons of fun so far!  One of the features it has is a self-timer. 
Here are the first pictures I took with it - just testing it out.  

Smile, Daddy!

Ok.  Got it working now - here is another one.

Looks good. 
An interesting thing is that it will take multiple photos - one after the other - if you want it to.  This is nice for us because out of the three or four (or ten) pictures that it will take the chance of having one good one is pretty decent.  Did that make sense? 
We tested it out on Andrew.


You can see that the first picture and the second are almost identical -  they were taken a couple of seconds apart. 
So we thought we'd have a little fun and get more of the kids involved. 
We tried to do some silly things . . .


 So, looks like you may be getting more group shots of us after all. 
Yee Haw!!


Wife of the Farmer said...

LOVE it!!! And MORE group pics, even cooler! Love you all!

The Resident Farmer said...

'Bout Time.