Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lunch at Micky D's

The kids and I came across the perfect table the other day.  Well, perfect in that it would fit all of us but it could be shorter so we could have regular chairs instead of stools. 
ANYWAY . . .
We had just delivered James to LSU for his final final exam of the semester.  We had a couple of hours to kill while we waited for him so I took the kids to McDonald's as a precursor to some grocery shopping I had planned.  Originally I was going to drive through, but the little monkeys convinced me to eat in. 
We found this table in the middle of the restaurant and they all saddled up to it. 
Six in a row.
Matthew spilled his water on Alyssa 0.75 seconds after I took the first picture. 

Notice Alyssa's face.  Poor thing.  It wasn't too bad though.

Here is Peter with a double cheeseburger minus the top burger.  Too much mustard on it. 
Later he found an onion on his cheese.  I told him to close his eyes and just eat it.  He did and said it wasn't too bad.

Cute kid.

Alyssa and Andrew.

After Matthew spilled on Alyssa I took him into my lap.  I ain't afraid of a little water.  I tried several times to get a good picture of us together.

He's a little bit tired of the effort I think.

Here is an okay one.
Then we hit the grocery store and drove home with the groceries to unload the cold stuff and play outside for a few minutes before going back to LSU to pick up James.

The weather was nice. 

Andrew kicked his shoes off.
Then it was back to meet James at the bookstore so he could sell his books back.  Now he has several weeks off before the next semester starts mid-January. 


Farmer's Wife said...

You sure have a busy life! Nice to see everyone sitting together in McD's. I bet James would like to have been there too instead of doing tests. Hope he did well on them! Love you all!

The Resident Farmer said...

Way cool! The first pic of you and Matthew, the face he makes, is the spitting image of James when he was younger and making those faces. We're sure missing you guys, we'll have to skype again.

Love ya'll, Grampa.