Thursday, December 20, 2012


Brian and Alyssa celebrated their birthdays last weekend. 

They dressed down this year for their meal out together.  They planned to hit breakfast on their way to do the weekly grocery shopping. 
They wanted to go to IHOP, but the line was out the door so they settled for the new Dunkin' Donuts.  I think they're still going to attempt IHOP maybe one day this week. 
On Sunday after church we had The Lasagna for their birthday lunch.  So good! 
Then there were presents. 
Alyssa got some nail polish and Brian was going to demonstrate it.
Matthew got the idea quickly and thought maybe we'd do the Christmas presents too.



Brian got some chocolate and the little boys were quick to put their hands out.
Then we had triple berry pie and ice cream. 
Thanks to everyone for the cards and presents!! 
Alyssa got a gingerbread house kit from Andrew. 
Stay tuned for the construction . . .

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