Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lock In, Christmas Party and LSU

Last Friday Salvation Station held a lock-in for the kids.  We dropped five of them off at 8pm and paid $20 :)  We took the other two boys out shopping.
On the way to Target we stopped off at Chik-fil-A for a treat.

Nothing like ice cream in December!
Peter's eating his sundae but has his eyes on Brian's peppermint shake!
Matthew and his sundae.
While we were shopping and sleeping, the kids were playing games, eating hot dogs and nachos, buying candy and also having a chapel service. 
I went back at 6:30am to pick them up. 
They also had a drawing for prizes that morning and I got to see Andrew win this . . .

A ginormous Hershey's bar! 
We're still eating it!
On Sunday Salvation Station had their Christmas party to honor the workers who help out throughout the year.  Because James plays keyboard and guitar there we were invited. 
Here is Matthew's dessert plate.
Matthew sat on my lap and shared my plate.
Here is Matthew's dessert. 
In other news . . .
Final grades were due yesterday for Fall semester.  However, James' English grades were not posted yesterday.  We were kinda disappointed. 
I checked first thing this morning and all of his grades were there. 
We're so happy for him! 
We had a 'math party' last week for him and celebrated him being done with another semester. 


The Resident Farmer said...

Hey, the food looks good. Congratulations again James. We are oh so proud of you. Keep up the good work, it is the key to your future.

Love ya'll,


Farmer's Wife said...

Lots of ice cream, cookies, and chocolate. Gotta love it! James, congratulations on 'A'cing the quarter!! Really proud of you! Love you all too!