Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fried Rice

Remember China Inn?  Is that even still there?  I loved their fried rice.  

Anyway, I found a recipe for sweet and sour chicken and fried rice on Pinterest last week.  See, Pinterest is not all bad.  

Here is the fried rice.  It was very good.  Even better the next day.  I didn't have any pork or sprouts to add which would have made it even better.  But it was really good.  

Here is the sweet and sour chicken.  It was also very good.  Yum.  

Here is a link to the printable recipe on Google Docs.


Farmer's Wife said...

Looks really good. I'll have to try making it here. Thanks for the recipes!!

The Resident Farmer said...

Of course I remember The China Inn. It was the only Chinese place I really liked. It was still there when we moved to Ogilvie, but I can't speak for now. I never heard of Pinterest until just now. Gramma explained it to me. Sounds like another place for me to avoid. The food looks great.

Love ya'll Grampa