Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'll start this post out with a couple of pictures of our Gracie.  

They're not from Saturday, but who cares, she's so cute!

She's smiling and laughing now and it's so hard to catch it on camera.  

Saturday was a busy day for us all.  

 I took seven of the kids down to Napoleonville, LA (look it up Grampa) for a birthday party.

Matthew had Kool-Aid

Grace was there.

Matthew and Peter got a little bored waiting for cake and cake pops.

Andrew and Jon

Matthew on the big water slide

 He never actually went down the slide.  He just played in the water at the bottom.  

Works for me!

After a couple of hours of water sliding, hot dogs and cake, it was time to go.

We had to cross the Sunshine Bridge there and back. 

They're working on the bridge and have it down to two lanes with both sides of traffic on one half of the bridge. 

And they have it covered somehow with metal and tarp - it's all very strange.

I had Alyssa take these pictures


We finally made it home and Matthew was exhausted.  He slept in the van

And then crashed on the living room floor not very far from the front door.

While we we gone Brian and James had their own adventure.  

They went to Honda for a free lunch and oil change certificate.  

Then they drove to Lafayette (look it up Grampa).

James is still trying to get 50 hours of driving in before he turns 16.

While there they stopped at Deano's for pizza.

Cajun Executioner pizza

It wasn't as good as they had hoped.

Then they headed back home over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

They made it home safely.  

James with his new haircut and a Sonic shake from Breaux Bridge.  (look it up Grampa!)

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Wife of the Farmer said...

Wow, Grace is so cute! And I like James' new haircut too! Those Birthday cupcakes look kind of good too. Can't wait to see you all!