Saturday, May 17, 2014

Backyard Camping

We had planned for the big kids to go camping this weekend with Brian, but - probably because the weather is so nice - all of the tent sites at our state park of choice were taken. 

What's a family to do?

Buy a fire pit and have a campfire/camp out in the backyard.

It's how we roll.

The natives were restless waiting for the fire to get ready.


Hot dogs and chips and s'mores at the ready. 

Did I mention the s'mores?

And, for the adventurous types, 

s'mores with leftover crispy chocolate bunnies

found in packages on clearance for $0.25 and made in the USA. 

Go me!

Grace was there.  

She was amazed at all the fun.  

Jon was there - hamming it up for me.

Activity around the grub table.

Cookin' some dogs.

Matthew's campfire dinner.

See the tents in the background?  

Time to set some marshmallows on fire.


s'mores for everyone.

It was a fun night - and I didn't have to sleep in a tent - yee haw!!

Stay tuned for details of Saturday's happenings . . . Coming soon!


The Resident Farmer said...

Awesome! Great idea. Did you have campfire songs? Sure looks like fun, especially the crispy chocolate bunnies.

7 Days.


Corinna said...

Umm, we tried the songs, but no one wanted to sing "Your mama don't wear no socks!" with me so it didn't work out too well ;)