Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th and James Comes Home

So, the Fourth of July was pretty low-key around here.  It usually is. 

We decided to hit up Sonic for some 1/2 price slushies in the afternoon.

So many choices . . .

We also had some BBQ brats and watermelon.  Later we took a walk around the neighborhood to look at/listen to fireworks.  This year no one was scared of the noise.  We've had some that were too scared to take the annual walk - but it was all good.  Peter was excited to see the 'fireworks on our walk at bedtime'.  I think he thought it was cool to talk a walk in the dark.  We came home and watched some fireworks displays on television.

Thursday was the day that James was coming home from camp.  He called me when he arrived back into town and we went to pick him up.

Matthew fell asleep in the van while we waited for him. 

The first sighting.

Get him! 

Matthew had a lot of fun jumping on James' luggage after we got home. 

The theme for this years' camp was One Mission One Message and was kind of a military thing. 

So they gave out uniforms to the counselors. 

He had a good time - he usually does :)  In about three weeks he will be off to Youth Camp. 


Farmer's Wife said...

Hope Brian is feeling better. It looks like the gang is happy to have James home again! Looking good, Counselor!

The Resident Farmer said...

Good post. Glad he's home. I like the uniform. It looks good on him.