Wednesday, July 25, 2012

James Goes Bowling

So yesterday the kids and I took James up to the bowling alley for a birthday party.  I thought that maybe we would stay and bowl a game or two while he was there so I made a big deal about making sure everyone had socks on - NO WAY was I paying $1 per kid for a pair of socks.  Anyway, I even stuffed a pair into Andrew's pocket because he was wearing flip flops. 

We got to the bowling alley and had to wake Peter and Andrew up.  They both fell asleep on the 5:30pm van ride over to the alley.  We unload everyone and discover that I forgot socks for myself.  Yup.

Anyway, we went inside and find James' friends and the birthday party.  It is at this point where everyone tells me that they are not planning on bowling.  The only one who wants to bowl is Jon.  So, I call Brian to let him know that we're not staying and we head out to load the van up again.

We came home and Jon played bowling on the wii.  He thinks he might want to bowl for his birthday.  We'll see if that idea still sticks next month. 

I went to pick up James when the party was over.  Apparently he almost won.  He had lots of fun and ate some pizza with his friends. 

Some really fuzzy cell phone photos. 

Today he is packing up for youth camp at church.  The camp is held locally here.  Last year he stayed in the dorms at church but they aren't open this year.  Some very good friends of ours offered their house as a sort of dorm for the kids to stay during youth camp.  They are welcoming six teenagers (in addition to their three) for five days of lodging, meals, fun, and transportation to the camp services.  Sounds like a good time.  James is pretty excited.  The kids are going to miss him but we'll get a chance to punch him in the shoulder each night at church.    :) 

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Farmer's Wife said...

Looks like the bowling party was fun. I used to bowl on a league, but that was in a different lifetime. hahahaha. Bet its fun to play on the WII too.