Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Yesterday I took the girls (and Matthew) shopping.  We were looking for a couple of new dresses for them to wear to the homeschool recital that is coming up this Tuesday. 

We struck out terribly. 

We spent about three hours going to about EIGHT different places and had absolutely no luck whatsoever. 

I did, however, have sore feet when we got home.

At least Matthew got a nap in.

Being 11 and 9, they are kind of in between.  We had no trouble finding dresses for little girls.  Cute summer ones and fancy ones.  Tons of them.  We also found a lot of dresses for older girls but they were too big.  If there were things in their size they were always too short or cut way to low.  Seriously. 

In summary, it's nearly impossible to find classic proper clothes for girls.  People always say how easy it is to shop for girls - but I disagree.  There will ALWAYS be classic boy's clothes available.  Pants and dress shirts/ties are not hard to find for boys.  Girls, on the other hand, are harder to shop for if you're looking for quality, modest, classic clothes. 

In the end they are going to wear something that they already had.  I was just hoping to get them something new.  It wasn't meant to be.

*end of the public service announcement*

After we returned home, we were getting ready to have lunch and Brian found this on the patio. 

Three pictures for triple ewwww!  It's hard to tell, but this bug was huge.  I would guess 3-4 inches.  *shudder*

After that we had an awesome bbq lunch of burgers and cheeseballs with watermelon as dessert.  I meant to take pictures but didn't. 

Then the girls banded together and made a snack for everyone.  It was a recipe out of Faith's new magazine.

Caramel apple cookie pizza. 

It was good! 

Stay tuned for what happened Saturday night - you won't want to miss it!

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The Resident Farmer said...

That is an eastern lubber grasshopper. I'm just glad he wasn't on the cookie pizza, cause that looks good.