Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Neverending Uno

Last Saturday night Brian took Peter shopping with him.  Peter is old enough now to go out with Daddy and spend some quality time hanging out and getting some shopping done. 

The rest of the kids and I decided to play an innocent game of Uno. 

Little did we know what we were getting into. 

 There were the usual teases and jabs -

movie quotes and singing. 

Lots of laughs. 

And funny faces. 

I could not believe how this game dragged on. 

We had lots of trouble even remembering whose turn it was. 

Matthew was just a spectator.

James skipped me repeatedly.

We all lost a little patience.

Some of us got bored.
Jon had several cards in his hand and kept turning around to look behind him.  I found out that he was keeping his 'overflow' cards on the bench because they were too much for his hands. 

I asked Jon how many cards he had sitting on the bench. 

He said, "One, two, three . . . I counted seven."

We were still going.  It had to have been close to an hour by now.  I had reshuffled the deck about three times and I was pretty sure we'd still be playing next Thursday when I heard that wonderful word - "Uno!"

It came from Andrew.

I looked at him slyly and said, "Whatja got over there, Andrew?" 

He didn't want to show me.  The whole time he'd been careless about keeping his cards secret and now he won't show me his last one. 

I said, "It's okay, you can show me.  I'm going to help you win."

His face lit up and he whipped his card around to show a green reverse. 

James was next and then Andrew.  James placed a wild card and said "Blue." 

I grabbed him by the arm and said, "Say GREEN and it will all be over!  Say GREEN!"

So he changed it to green and Andrew put down his last card! 

We were all so excited that we threw Uno cards into the air and all over the table and floor. 


Full disclosure:  We weren't playing with a standard Uno deck.  We have parts of several decks all put together. This contributed to the longevity of the game because of the abundance of "draw 2" cards etc.  Next time we will try to remember to remove some of these cards.  Brian usually does this but he was out shopping with Peter and I forgot :) 


The Resident Farmer said...

What a bunch of characters you guys are.

Farmer's Wife said...

Loved this post! Made me laugh out loud even. Thanks!