Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stray Dogs and Quesadillas

One day last week the kids alerted me to a snake on the front sidewalk.  EWW.  So I went outside to see if I could find it.  I saw it in one of the bushes by the front window.  While I was looking at it trying to scare it away, HA!, a dog came running up to me and Jon.  We quickly went inside and closed the front door. 

Then it started to thunder and rain. 

The poor dog was panting like crazy.  I stuck a bowl of water out the door.  She stayed under the entryway for a long time and put her paws up on the window to look at the kids who, of course, wanted to keep her and thought she was the best thing in the world.  No collar at all on her.  Then she left.  She was just gone. 

Oh well.  We weren't going to keep her anyway. 

We got back to our business and a few minutes later I heard, "MOM!  The dog is in the backyard!"

And she WAS!!

I checked the gate - it was shut - but a small place at the bottom where she must have squeezed through. 

So she sat there for awhile but kept trying to go behind the house where the poison ivy is.  So I snuck out onto the patio to put that chair in the gap so she wouldn't go back there. 

And that's when the trouble happened.  I couldn't get back into the house.  She was so determined to come inside with me.  It was POURING rain at this point.  She was pretty sweet and sat when I told her to and wouldn't leave my side.  I cracked the door open and told Alyssa to take Matthew.  She brought Matthew and Peter into her bedroom.  I tried to get in once more and she forced her way into the house.  Fortunately, Faith had left the storage room door open and she ran straight into there.  I tried to get her out the front of the house through the storage door but she wouldn't go.  She would only go out when I went out.  She hung by my side for several minutes and I had to distract her in order to get myself back in. 

Then she was gone for good.  Poor thing - I just cannot house a dog and search for owners.  Too bad she didn't have a collar on.

In other news . . .

James decided that he wanted to cook dinner for us one night last week.  He decided on steak quesadillas.  Umm, YES! 

Here he is cooking. 

The finished product.

It was really yummy! 

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Farmer's Wife said...

Oh my goodness. That sounds quite exciting! The dog looks like part Catahoula, like Ted & Sue's dog. It must belong to someone if it knew how to sit on command. Poor thing, just wanted to get in out of the rain.
Hopefully she amde it home okay.
Hey, supper looks pretty good there!! Yum!
Love you all!