Monday, June 1, 2015

Quick Beach Escape (Did I Say Quick?)

The Friday after the graduation we headed out for Orange Beach, Alabama.  

First we had some prep to do - which means a trip to Target for groceries.

The kids are always looking for their names on the Coke bottles . . .

Faith and I have yet to find our names . . . 

Grace got antsy while checking out, so we opened up some goldfish crackers for her.

You can see her mouth is full of crackers, her hand is full, and her other hand is reaching in for more.  Gotta love that girl!

Usually we end up arriving at the beach after dark - but not this time.  We were able to leave just after 10am.  

The trip took us about 6 hours - blah!  

Just after the tunnel in Mobile, Al we caught a glimpse of the

We didn't stop for a tour, but always cool to see - especially during the daylight this time :)

This time we rented through an agency instead of directly from the owner so we had to stop and check in at an office on the drive in.  

The traffic was thick on this Friday before Memorial Day.

Upon arrival, we unpacked and settled in.

Our first sunset.

After dark we headed out to hunt for crabs.

So cool - little sand colored crabs that come out after dark.  

The kids love to chase them and try and touch them. 

This year we saw some of the biggest crabs we have ever seen.

Check out our encounter on video

We also brought some glow sticks down to the beach for fun

Stay tuned for Saturday at the beach.  

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