Thursday, June 4, 2015

We Visit The Capitol!

After learning that James was LSU's youngest graduate ever, a very close friend of ours proposed a resolution for the state senate to recognize him.

So, we were invited down to the capitol last Tuesday to meet with Senator Claitor and have our first tour of the capitol building.

Our state capitol is the tallest in the United States.  An interesting website with a tour can be found 

To our surprise, LSU's dairy bar was there giving out free ice cream.

We came on the right day dude!!

The House chamber.  Incidentally, I didn't get a picture of the Senate chamber where we would be going.  Ooops!

Cool elevator. 

We took an elevator upstairs and then changed over to an even smaller elevator for the final ride to the rooftop observation deck where we went outside to look at the views of Baton Rouge.

It's good to be the governor.  You get your own elevator.

Our friend snapped some photos with his phone from across the chamber - sorry they are blurry. 

Us with Senator Claitor.

We had a good time.  It was fun to tour the capitol as we had never been there before.  Meeting with the Senator was a new experience and he made a nice speech about James - mentioning his homeschooling and stuff like that.  Not something that you get to do everyday. 

Stay tuned for a report on someone's 8th birthday.  

Here's a teaser for ya:

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