Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Introducing . . . Lincoln!!

We'd like to introduce you to our new puppy


There is a local pet adoption house not far from where we live.  I can't remember how I heard about them, but they take dogs and puppies out of the shelter and put them in foster homes until they are adopted.  We stopped by last weekend just to look and let them know that we were looking for a lab puppy. 

They told us that they don't get purebred labs in because they pull dogs from the shelter.  This makes sense, right?

We met a couple of puppies we liked but by the next day they were all adopted and gone.  

Later in the week I was trolling their Facebook page and saw that they had pulled purebred labs from the shelter. 


I tried calling them that afternoon but no one answered.  

We showed up there on Saturday morning and were first in a growing line next to the too-crowded parking lot. 

We found out that there was only one lab puppy left and that he wouldn't be in until 1pm.  

So we filled out an application and came back at 1 to meet him. 

There was a stack of applications on the desk and the top one said "Wants Lab Puppy!"  I guess he was pretty popular.

 We were the first ones to put our application in and we took him home that afternoon.  :)

Brian took a nap with him on the floor after a long discussion about his name. ;)

Faith was so happy to have a puppy!  

He has been to the park three times so far - pretty good for only being home three days.

And we took him around the block once.

The kids all are having a great time learning about him . . .

"What are dogs made of, Mom?"  asked Matthew today.


Tonight we took him to the park for a walk and some running down hills.

He's always moving so hard to get a nice focused picture of him, especially with the phone.

Thanks FOTA for our new best friend!

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