Monday, June 15, 2015

International Kids Conference 2015

Each summer our church holds a kids conference with worship services, meals and activities.  The kids always have a great time and this year was no exception. 

This year the boys invited a friend over to stay with us during camp.  

He's in the middle - his name is Jake :)

(+10 points for you if you get the joke here)

I dropped off the kids on Thursday morning where we ran into this character at the sign in table.

He was pretty fast and checked us in quickly and efficiently ;)

Then it was on to the next station.

Name tags and wrist bands for everyone.

Then on to the next station - the camp nurse.

Andrew looks thrilled to tell them he didn't have any medications to check in.

After hanging around for a little while I headed home with the two littlest ones where we played and made mischief until lunch time. 

And then there was a nap. 

Followed by more mischief and cartoons.

Pretty much the story of the day.  

Friday was a bit different as the three of us ventured out for lunch together.

It was sure something to be out with just Matthew and Grace.  We headed straight home after eating :)

Here are some pictures I took of the worship services each evening. 

Saturday dawned early and after dropping the kids off for their last full day of camp, Brian and I took Grace and Matthew out for the day.

After hitting up a couple of garage sales where we scored some cool deals we visited the puppy adoption house to shop a little bit. 

And then we headed to McAlister's for lunch.

She closed her eyes for every bite of sandwich.


Then we headed home where there was another nap.

Saturday night was another great service for the kids.  

James on keyboard and also Alyssa is second in from the right.

James and Victoria.

The kids had a great time and are already looking forward to IKC 2016!

Don't forget to check back on James' birthday post for an update on how he spent his day.

And . . . 

Stay tuned for a post introducing you to Lincoln!

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