Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quick Beach Trip ~ Sunday

Sunday morning dawned bright and early too and Jon and I took a morning shell-hunting walk.  He still found more cool shells than me.  But I did find a couple.  

Because Brian had to work the next morning, we had to pack up and head home that day.  

On our way out we stopped for a couple of souvenirs and photos.

Cool shot of me walking in the parking lot.

Love those surprise photos on the phone :/

Yup, we're tourists.  Ha!

Grace found wind chimes inside. 

We stopped at Arby's on the way home - can't even remember where we were.

Brian sat with the bigger kids. 

And me?  

I got stuck at the goofball table.  

Where we ate our sandwiches and curly fries with ketchup.

Stay tuned for our visit to the capitol.  

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