Friday, June 5, 2015

Andrew's Birthday!!

We celebrated Andrew's birthday early this year because his actual birthday falls right at the beginning of Kids Camp and the kids are gone from just after breakfast until bedtime.  

We heard that the park in our neighborhood was finally finished so we brought a pizza and watermelon picnic over there to check it out.

Dinner was quick and good and we headed to the playground/sprayground.  

Up North we didn't have these spraygrounds.  If we wanted to run through water on a hot day we had to supply our own yard and sprinkler.  But here the city does it for us.  

The new park looks great!

The sprayground

And right beside it is the new playground.  

I barely remember the sad slides and ancient sand that used to be here.

Grace was a bit nervous about the water at first.

She had daddy go with her and she got more confidence.

Andrew had a blast under the buckets.

Towards the end of our visit, Grace was enjoying the water and playing with the other babies.  

But we had cake and presents waiting for us at home.

He was a little quick on the draw and blew the candles out just as we started to sing - doh!

So we lit them again and had a second go at it.

A good party!

Happy Birthday Andrew ~ You're a rock star!

Stay tuned for pictures from Kids Camp!  

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