Friday, May 29, 2015

Grad Party!!

Saturday dawned bright and early and we had lots of work to do to get ready for the graduation party.

We headed out to our store of choice to pick up the cake and some of the fresh fruit and rolls to put out on the buffet.

While there, the kids and I scoured the Coke bottles for our names.

We found a couple we liked.

We got everything on our list and headed to the checkout.

Once  home we enlisted the grandparent's help washing, chopping and cutting all of the fresh fruit and veggies.  

Soon it was time to head to the park and set up.

We had lot of help setting up the tables and chairs and the decorations.

Soon it was party time.

We used twine and small clothespins to hang up some pictures of James throughout the years.  

We set up a cake table and had a box out for cards. 

The cake turned out great and was very delicious.

We went with a nacho bar - it turned out great and was a fun idea.

We also had some subs and veggies and fresh fruit. 

We ended up having somewhere in the neighborhood of 85 people who came out to celebrate with us.  The weather was beautiful and it only sprinkled for about five minutes and then a rainbow came out in the Eastern sky.

Towards the end of the party Grace found a few mud puddles to play in.

She was filthy but happy!  

We had a lot of fun visiting with friends and the kids all enjoyed playing volleyball and running races out on the lawn.  It was a good time.

We had pop at the party and the boys were looking forward to it all week.  

Matthew had a can the next day.

You can tell he enjoyed it!  

Stay tuned for a post about our very, very quick trip to the beach!

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