Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day dawned bright and early.  Finally it was here - the day James would walk across the stage at the PMAC and receive his diploma from LSU.

We arrived on campus early to take some pictures and meet our friend who would take some group photos (coming soon).

It had rained that morning so it was wet, but we had a little break in the rain for pictures.

We gathered by the Mike the Tiger enclosure and waited for our friend.  While we waited we took some pictures of our own.

James' friend Victoria and her brother Josh came to see him graduate.

It started to rain so we headed inside where we met some of the other students from James' classes.

Soon it was time for us to grab seats and him to line up so we said goodbye and headed to the bleachers.

Finally his turn to get in line for a diploma.

We may or may not have borrowed a smuggled air horn and blown it a few (3) times when they called his name.  Maybe we did . . . 

As he was leaving the stage a local reporter grabbed him and proceeded to interview him right on the floor there.  

Poor kid, he was a bit nervous.  

At the end of the ceremony we met him outside in front of the PMAC to take a couple more quick pictures.

Grace with her James.

 James, Alyssa, Victoria, Faith, Vanessa, Jake and Stephanie

Officially done! 

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Stay tuned for party pictures . . .

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