Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Graduation Prep!

We had a whirlwind week!  Lots of things to do to prepare for James' graduation from LSU.  

We had a party to plan and guests coming in from out of state.

First we made cookies to freeze . . . 

I had lots of help from lots of kids.

Grace entertained us with sunglasses.

Us girls before church 

The boys needed to get cleaned up for the big day so we headed in to LSU's barbershop - the best in Baton Rouge.

Grace perused the magazines.  

She had some catching up on Hulk to do.

We made James go first . . .

And closed it out with Matthew.

They're looking good!

Still time to goof off though. 

The girls and I sewed felt triangles together for a bunting decoration.

The grandparents rolled in and even though we had so much to do we still found time for some fun.

There were games played, lots of hearts, and

There were puzzles.

Stay tuned for photos from Graduation Day.

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