Thursday, November 29, 2012



Thanksgiving preparations started on Wednesday.  

The girls each made a traditional pumpkin pie.

We had turkey.

Homemade stuffing.

Bacon cheddar mashed potatoes.
And I completely forgot to make a green vegetable.  I had every intention of making broccoli or something but just forgot.  We also had dinner rolls and cranberries.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the pies - but they were very good! 
I did get some pictures of some of the kids though. 




Faith - yes, she likes water with her ice.

After dinner there was our annual Sequence tournament.  I won last year!! 

James and Brian playing - I think that's the pie there on the corner of the table.
The champion this year was ME!! 
Two years in a row baby! 
I'll be defending my title again next year.
In other news . . .
The kitty is still hanging around our patio. 
One of the kids took this picture I think.  It's pretty good. 
She showed up the other day with a collar with a little bell on it.  No tag with owner or anything, but someone obviously claims her to some degree. 
It's still kinda wierd though because even in the cold rain she is sitting on our patio -she must like us more than whoever put that collar on her. 
She also likes to rub herself on our patio door and Peter accidently let her in a couple of times already. 
One of the things we've caught her doing is sitting on the skylights in the schoolroom.



Goofy cat! 

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Farmer's Wife said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving meal, even without the green vegetable. We didn't get a pumpking pie this year. Grampa will make one for Christmas. Love you all.