Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ninjas and Twinkies

So the kids were playing Ninjas yesterday.  They had a good time out in the backyard after dark trying to find eachother.

Here is how they looked when Brian got home.  They all jumped out from behind the walls.  Ninjas' eyes glow after dark I guess. 
In case you didn't hear, Hostess is going out of business.  Some bankruptcy or strike going on or something.  Google it if you're interested. 
I mention this because the kids have always asked me for Twinkies when we're at the grocery store.  I always told them 'no' figuring they get enough junk food and they could buy their own chemicals in the form of sponge cake when they moved out. 
But, when I heard that Twinkies may be no more, I broke down and decided to buy a box. 
We had to go to two stores to find them. 
Twinkies - secret training food for Ninjas everywhere.

Faith, contemplating her strategy.

Peter wasted no time.

Matthew tore his in half searching for the goodness within.

James dove in barely missing the plastic wrapper.

Alyssa took her time opening hers.

Andrew was impressed with his first bite.

Finally gets hers open and tries it.

Jon - trying to down it all in one bite!  This must be a staged shot as his is still wrapped in plastic.

Matthew thinks he found something yummy and white.

He's going in with his fingers.

He looks a little confused by the goodness.

There are still two Twinkies in the box.  Not sure how long they'll last.  May have to cut them into tiny pieces to share ;).


Farmer's Wife said...

Love the pics of the kids with Twinkies. I want one too! I guess since they are going out of business, I can. :)
Love you all!

Farmer's Wife said...

NO Twinkies at our store in town. boohoo!

Corinna said...

You can buy some on EBay! Check the seller ratings though. . .