Saturday, November 10, 2012

Patio Kitty

So, some of you may know that we've had some mice on the patio.  Mice in the BBQ grill, and mice in the garbage can.  We actually sealed up a couple of mice in the garbage bag and sent them off with the weekly pickup :). 
However, there has been a new development in the mouse saga. 
A neighborhood cat has adopted our patio as his favorite noon and evening hangout.  We've seen him with a mouse in his mouth and the kids also found a gutted mouse body (no head) in the playhouse out back. 
He has no collar, but we're not interested in getting rid of him anyway - until the mice are gone for good. 
Since he's been hanging out - a few days now - I haven't see any mice outside.

The little boys love to watch him out the patio door.
The cat likes to come up to the door too and rub against it.

He (just guessing it's a he) also likes to sit in the kitchen window sill.

Hey Kitty!!
We're happy with him so far. 


The Resident Farmer said...

Hey cool. Are you calling him anything, or just Patio Kitty? Sounds like a good thing.

Farmer's Wife said...

Nice Kitty Kitty!

Corinna said...

Well, we've been calling him Kitty - but I think I found out that it's a her - not sure. Kids want to pet her but does she have FLEAS??? I don't want them to pet her. She's very friendly and might be the neighbor's cat for all we know. As long as she stays outside, we're happy with the arrangement so far :) Wondering if she'll abandon us when she figures out the mice are all gone . . .

Farmer's Wife said...

Cats can have fleas and if she's outside she just might, although when I took our Sparkle kitty to the vet after she had lived outside (like always), she only had ear mites. Do you know if the neighbors treat her for fleas or allow her inside their house??

Corinna said...

Don't know. We don't have contact with the neighbors outside of a superficial wave or nod of the head :). She looks healthy though and the kids saw the neighbors petting her but not sure if she's been in their house. I'm not even sure if she's theirs or just been hanging out in their yard. There are a few neighborhood cats that just kind of roam around.

Farmer's Wife said...

Well, a Kitty that can dispatch varmints is always a welcome addition to a family. Brother Kitty leaves trophies on the welcome matt often and even though I don't want to step on it, I am thankful that he is doing his job.