Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lost Tooth, Risk and Buzz Cut Brothers

You may remember Jon's hillbilly tooth from the last post.  Well, that night he lost his tooth.  

He's doing homework the next morning, but he's not a hillbilly anymore.

Sometimes when the big kids are doing school, the little boys play Risk aka 'the soldier game'.  More often than not the little pieces end up everywhere, but it keeps them busy and quiet ;).  (I think Matthew had eaten an M&M just before this picture and it's running down his chin)
I decided to give the middle boys a haircut last week.  They were looking kind of rough and I didn't want to take them to the salon. 
So I got out my trusty clipper and gave them both buzz cuts. 
Turned out okay for my first time.  I decided to do Peter's hair too.  We left Matthew's long because he's little still. 
The kids started calling them the Buzz Cut Brothers.  There's even a little song they sing. 
Next time James needs a cut I might try and do his.  Not totally buzzed, but we'll see. 


Farmer's Wife said...

Grampa will have to teach you how to give the boys the "high and tight" cut....he is getting very good at doing it on himself! It was fun Skyping last week!!! Love you all!

Mrs. Smith said...

Googled 'high and tight cut'. Seems it's code for BALD! ;) Not sure we're ready to go that short yet. Peter's hair is so light that he looks bald already!!

Farmer's Wife said...

It's more the military or police cut, not really bald. Grampa and Uncle Ted wear it well.