Friday, November 2, 2012

Hillbilly Homework

Earlier this week Jon had a loose tooth.  It was VERY loose.  But it still wouldn't wiggle out.  It was so loose that it would hang out of his mouth when it was closed.  We started calling it his 'hillbilly tooth'. 
I had to snap a few pictures while he was doing his homework.

That night before bed Brian pulled it out.  Jon was so excited that he would get a visit from the 'Tooth Parent'.  The going rate around here is $1 per tooth.  Big bucks!

Here he is the next morning doing homework with a hole in his mouth. 

Non-hillbilly homework. 
We have a rose bush in our front garden. 

The two roses came from this one bush.  One is red and one is a coral color.  So pretty.  Funny though that they are different colors.

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Anonymous said...

The roses are very are all getting big......and yeah we"re going to miss those hostess twinkes.
hope you had a Happy thanksgiving.
G&G smith