Friday, August 17, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Picture??

So, over on The Resident Farmer there is a contest running.  Now, I'm pretty wary of those contests that the Farmer runs seeing as how I got jipped out of an excellent prize when I chose the wrong door during the last contest. 

But that's a story for a different time.

So, anyway, the Farmer and his wife have some chickens.  And there's apparently this new hen whose got eyes for the farmer.  And the Farmer and his wife need help naming this new hen.  There was mention of some type of chicken-picture prize. 

So, I showed the picture to each one in my family to see what they would name this hen in hopes that one of us would win. 

(Oh who am I kidding??  We're going to be the only ones entering.  Surely one of us will win.  Unless all of the Farmer's contests are rigged.) 

Here is the picture of the hen in question (taken from the Farmer's blog.)

Nameless Hen

And here's how it went down . . .

Me:  Peter, come and see this chicken and tell me what you want to name it.

Peter:  That chicken's for eating, right mom?

Me:  Well, that chicken lays eggs for eating.

Peter:  And that chicken's for eating, right mom?

Me:  What do you want to name that chicken, Peter?

Peter:  Marshmallow.

Me:  OK.  Go tell the girls to come here and name the chicken.


They didn't believe him at first so I had to call them over. 

Matthew's first guess was "teetdckn".

The girls goofed around a bit about it and then I heard this,

Faith:  Get the baby name book!

Alyssa:  The chicken baby name book!

They opened up the book (NOT a chicken baby name book) for Matthew and he pointed to a name:  Clarabelle.

After debating for awhile Faith chose Lyndsey and Alyssa chose Bobby.

We waited impatiently (just kidding) for Brian to come home from the grocery store with the rest of the contestants. 

Jon chose the name Me.

Andrew was forced into picking Abby (the first name in the whole baby name book).

James chose Henrietta ("get it?" he says.  Yeah, I get it.)

Brian's entry is Ugly. 

And me?  I choose Ethel because who else could keep up with Lucy around the barnyard? 

So, there you have it. 

To recap. . .

Peter - Marshmallow
Matthew - Clarabelle
Faith - Lyndsey
Alyssa - Bobby
Jon - Me
Andrew - Abby
James - Henrietta (get it??)
Brian - Ugly
Corinna - Ethel

Hope it doesn't take too long to decide the winner.  We have a great spot on the wall for that chicken picture!! 

Stay tuned for news on the big birthday celebration happening this weekend.  You won't want to miss it!


Farmer's Wife said...

The contestants and their name choices had us laughing out loud before breakfast today. Very cute,(right Mom?)
Love you all.

The Resident Farmer said...

Great names, except "Ugly". Why was Andrew "forced" to pick Abby? Unfortunately we had a hen named Ethel already, so we can't take that name under serious consideration. We also have to wait to see if anyone else chimes in. Right Mom? I didn't put a time limit on this, but we won't wait more than a few days. Good luck and thank you.

Corinna said...

Well, Brian said 'Nina' at first, until he saw the picture. I said he was probably thinking 'Fried' would be a good name. Andrew didn't want to play so the girls had him choose Abby. Bummer about Ethel. Now I'm hoping Marshmallow wins! Or Henrietta - get it?? :)