Monday, August 20, 2012

Jon's Birthday Party

So Jon turned seven last Saturday.  This year he chose an Olympic swimming cake.  We enjoyed watching the summer Olympics this year and the swimming races are some of our favorites. 

Here are two pictures of the cake.

Little pretzel swimmer dudes.

As usual, Jon made a birthday list to make shopping easier for us.

The things that are crossed out are the things that he got - he also got a Bible at church yesterday. 

Alyssa had the idea to make a very large card and we all signed it. 

He opened some presents.

And we had cake.

 For dinner that night we had one of Jon's favorite foods.

 Papa Murphy's five meat stuffed pizza!

After dinner (and playing with the new presents) Brian took Jon shopping. 

They were on a mission to find the boy some cowboy boots. 

Thankfully they found them at the first store they went to. 

Jon - with his new boots and his new Nerf gun.  Watch out for that guy!

One of his favorite parts of the day was talking on the phone with all of his grandparents.  Thanks for the calls!!

On Sunday afternoon Brian took Jon to the movie theater to see Ice Age.  They had a great time!!

In other news . . . today is the first day of James' second year at LSU.  Stay tuned for the details!


The Resident Farmer said...

Glad you had a good birthday Jon. Nice boots. Little pretzel swimmer dudes? Hmmm. New one on me.

Luv ya Grampa.

Farmer's Wife said...

Looks like the party was fun boots too!! I love the cake! Very creative with pretzel swimmers!!
Love you all!