Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five Hour Tour - or One Man's Commute

It took Brian about 5 hours NOT to get to work yesterday. 
Keep in mind that he works only 5.6 miles from home.


It even made the good old Star Tribune.

This was the scene late last night as they burned off the isobutane. 
Check out this video from the local news.
And this video also from the local news.
Apparently there is still no word on when the freeway will open.


7:23am  UPDATE!!  The freeway is OPEN!!  Yay!!



Farmer's Wife said...

What can a person say except "Yikes!!". Glad that Dad was safe! Love you all.

The Resident Farmer said...

Holy Backyard Barbecue Batman! Wow! How scary is that? Glad Dad was not close.

Corinna said...

Yeah. Interesting to say the least. But it was all gone by the next morning rush hour. :)