Friday, August 10, 2012

Lately . . .

We've been watching the olympics on tv lately.  The kids (and us) like to cheer for the USA.  Andrew and Jon were making posters to hang on the wall. 

Andrew asked me: "How do you spell USA?"

Hilarious - and scary at the same time. 

Anyway, we've been keeping up as best anyone can from this side of the 'pond'.  We've noticed this time that NBC is not showing the medal giving and podium singing very much - if at all.  I think I've only seen it once.  Not sure why but I kinda miss it.  I like to see if the medal winners cry or sing along.  Oh well. 

We've also noticed some older athletes this year.  Seems like quite a few of them in their late 30's.  Interesting! 

Something we've seen the last couple of mornings (when the kids are supposed to be doing their chores) is synchronized swimming.  It's pretty humorous to watch.  The kids say things like "that's not really swimming, right mom?"

What can you say? 

It's fun to watch, but


In other news . . .

Faith made dinner last Saturday night.  It was a win-win for me! 

She made chicken fingers. 

Everyone enjoyed!!

Two blue-eyed kids.

Matthew likes Twizzlers.

Peter held his baby brother.

And that's about it. 


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Farmer's Wife said...

Cute pics (again!). I bet you hear that a million times a day... "right Mom"?
Love you all,