Saturday, August 4, 2012

Haircut Saturday

So, Andrew woke me up today at 6am asking

"What's for breakfast?"

About an hour later I got out of bed. 

I did this week's grocery shopping with Alyssa and came home armed with donuts from Target.  They're really good.  They're better than the little donut shops we have around here. 

Then it was time to get ready to go to THE MALL.  Two of the boys had appointments at the salon.

Brian took Faith upstairs to the optical shop to pick out another pair of glasses.  And Peter travelled around the salon letting everyone know that he didn't WANT a haircut.  He wasn't getting one anyway - but it was pretty funny. 

After lunch I decided to give Matthew his first haircut too. 

Here's the "before"

and these are the "afters"

Isn't he cute?!?


The Resident Farmer said...

Yes. They're all cute.

Farmer's Wife said...

Very cute, what's up with the wrinkled up nose?? hahahahaha

Corinna said...

It's his signature look. He did it a lot when he was younger - guess he's still got it!