Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LSU II and a Bookmark

James started his second year at LSU yesterday.  Brian drove him to campus early in the morning on his way to work. 

I remembered to snap a picture before he left.  

First day of school.

At 11:30 I had to pick him up.  We made plans to meet in the Stadium Lot.  Unfortunately they are still doing construction on Death Valley - it looks like they're adding some fancy entrance.

 Because of the construction there were cranes around and lots of sidewalk is walled off - not the best situation for the students. 

Finally we see him.

 He's blinded by the sun and the glare off the white van. 

 Hi James!  The kids are happy to see him.

 And we're off toward home and LUNCH for the hungry masses!! 

We made adjustments and are meeting in the Lot Across The Street (LATS) from now on until the construction is done.  Not my favorite lot as it's narrow and packed and a little difficult to maneuver the van through there - but it's better than dealing with the construction mess.

Oh - and he needs to bring his sunglasses!

In other news . . .

Jon got a Crossfire Bible for his birthday ('twas on his list).  He got a package in the mail from his friend Kailey in Kentucky. 

Inside was a bookmark she made for him!!  It was very good because he was using his bookstore receipt as a bookmark. 

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Farmer's Wife said...

Looks like James made it through his (2nd) first day! Smiles even....good sign. Jon looks good in the hat! Hey, that's what I use for a bookmark....the receipt. :D
Love you all!