Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anniversary and Banana Splits

Brian and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday.  16 years!!  Thanks for the card and the phone call!  We appreciate them.  I had to count a couple of times to figure out if it was our 15th or 16th.  I guess it's not so bad - Brian thinks he's 38 already.  Tee Hee!

Anyway, a few times throughout the past several years I have wondered about the one and only picture we had taken of us together on our honeymoon.  Unfortunately it never made it into an album and never got scanned into the computer.  I looked for it a couple times but to no avail. 

Because we've moved about 95.6 times throughout our marriage I feared it may have been lost/damaged/left somewhere (which is what probably happened to the stuffed bear Brian bought me in Duluth one year at Grandma's - but that's another story.  Poor Scruffy!) 

Anyway, I was organizing the storage room the other day and came across a cardboard box of photos.  And there it was!!!

(A picture of the picture.)

We had eaten dinner one night at a restaurant called Bojan's in the Clearwater, FL area.  I can't really figure out if this restaurant even exists anymore.  There was no clear results with a Google search.  Anyway, we asked our waitress to snap a picture of us before we left - and there you have it.  The only proof that we honeymooned together - ha!  I really love this picture and thankful to have found it. 

We went out to BJ's Brewhouse for dinner last night.  We had a nice dinner (awesome deep dish pizza) and then returned home to watch a rented movie. 

Today (Saturday) I did the weekly shopping with Faith and then Brian and the boys washed the car and van. 

We had pizza for dinner and then made up a special dessert.

Banana splits - and lots of them!

Andrew wasn't sure what banana splits were so now he knows.  Whew! 

Preparations are in the works for Jonathan's big 7th birthday next weekend.  There's talk of bowling and a special cake request! 

This week also marks James' last week of summer vacation.  School starts on Monday - will his room be clean by then?  Stay tuned!

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