Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home Improvement Again

We had another weekend of home improvement.  Triggered by last weekend's gutter extravaganza - during which the kids (playing in the backyard) exclaimed that the fence had broken.  We went to see that the wooden posts between the house and the gate had rotted away and the small section of fence fell over. 

So, this weekend - after another trip to Lowe's we knew we had to start fixing it.  (We also finished putting up the gutters). 

Brian is cutting the posts. 

This fence job is going to be continued . . .

Andrew - flexing his four-year-old muscles.  They'll be five tomorrow!

James got a summertime haircut.

This is what it feels like to look at James lately. 

Matthew wearing a Vikings jersey for the first time. 

Stay tuned for a birthday post tomorrow!!

1 comment:

The Resident Farmer said...

Hey! The gutters look good, the posts are in, the tall one got a haircut and tomorrow is muscle boy's birthday. Wow! You guys have been busy. Maybe we can skype tomorrow. That would be cool.