Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Last Man Standing

Andrew was the last man standing - until today.  All of the boys and Brian had been pretty sick - except for Andrew.  This afternoon he presented himself to me with a fever and an earache.  So he joins the ranks of the sickies.  Us girls are still hanging on.  We have had a bit of a sore throat (and there's the poison ivy incident . . .)

Anyway -

This is pretty much how we feel around here.

He did give a little smile eventually.

Trying to keep the morale up around here so I made some treats over the last couple of days.

Rice Krispie treats made with Coco Krispies. 

And banana bread!  Yes, my oven needs to be cleaned.  No, I'm not going to do it anytime soon.

The kids also took the camera and did some picture/video taking.

I found this one

And several close-ups of toys that I will spare you from.

There was also this one.  I guess you can tell that they like to hang out in James' room and play with his things and take pictures of themselves while they're doing it. 

In other news . . .

I was going to put up pictures of my poison ivy rash, but that's gross, so I won't. 

Here is the vine that is overtaking the tree in the neighbor's yard that spawned the part that was climbing up our house that I took down when we were putting up the gutters.  I think that's how it happened anyway. 

Anyway, poison ivy is not fun and I'm glad that I haven't had to deal with it before now.

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Farmer's Wife said...

Sorry that the boys are all sick now! Hope you girls can stay well. Someone has to keep making goodies for the sickies. Love you all!