Sunday, March 29, 2015

Matthew Turns 4

We celebrated Matthew's birthday yesterday.  He turned the big Oh-Four.

He requested a Nerf cake.

Turned out pretty good! 

Brian took him out for lunch just the two of them.

Matthew asked to go to Chick fil A

Hilariously enough, he wanted a burger!

But he loves the play land.

After lunch we had presents!

Present pile

Cake time!

After cake and ice cream the boys headed outside for a Nerf War. 

James set up the backyard with obstacles and cover.

They broke up into teams and won by either hitting everyone on the opposite team, or successfully making it to the enemy's base.

James utilizes some cover.

Run Jonny, Run!

Enjoy some animations of the action. 

Walking out with confidence.

Dodging bullets

High Five!

Near the end of one of the battles, Brian set up camp in his base and shot them all as they came.

Easy and effective!

Peter tried to capture the enemy base but had James and Brian both after him.

He almost made it!

Fun was had by all - especially me sitting on the sidelines documenting the action!  

Happy Birthday Matthew, we love you lots!!

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