Friday, March 27, 2015


Brian and James traveled to Texas recently.  Brian had work to do in the Houston area and James had an event with the worship team from church.

Texas-shaped waffles at the hotel breakfast.

Saturday night Brian and James headed out for dinner.

They enjoyed their meal.

The next day James headed home with friends.

Brian stayed the week working and we missed him terribly.  

We did a few things to keep busy . . . 

I held a "buddy repair clinic" 

where I sewed up some of the stuffed animals.

Woody had it bad.

Good as new!  

We took lots of selfies to send to Daddy.

We took a trip to Dunkin' because of Jon's math.

Donuts for school!  Yeah!

More selfies

I learned to crochet! Ha!

We missed him and were so happy to have him back!

Stay tuned for news of our visitors from Up North!

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Wife of the Farmer said...

Glad Dad and James got back home safely. Love you all.