Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Goings-On

We've been very busy this month!  Expect several posts in the next few days.

Matthew got dressed up for church a couple of weeks ago.

Not sure what he's got in his hand . . . 

They celebrate monthly birthdays in his Sunday School class

So he came home all decked out and carrying treats because his birthday is this month.  Also had people giving him dollar bills.  He was pretty excited.

I also celebrated a big birthday.


We also went crazy and used our new meat grinder to grind up some turkey.

Turkey ready to grind.

Ground turkey.  

We used it to try a couple of new recipes. 

They were pretty delicious.

One of many trips to Target.

James has some connections at Dunkin'.

Donut mania!

I took the little kids to a friend's birthday party. 

She looks a little frightened.


Banana splits!

They had a great time!  

Stay tuned for a post on Texas!


Wife of the Farmer said...

Cute pictures, keep 'em coming! Love you all.

Stacy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Sorry I missed it! Stacy