Friday, March 6, 2015

Large Family Humor

The kids had their annual Christmas program one Sunday at church a few years ago.  They had been practicing for about a month.  The oldest four were in the choir so it was just singing they had to practice.  

Brian and I had been playing tag team all afternoon because Peter was sick - poor little guy!  So, I took the four oldest to services in the morning.  Then we grabbed some lunch on the way home.  Brian drove them back to church at 2:30 to rehearse again.  I stayed home to make sandwiches for the choir to eat after rehearsal.  Brian returned home and then I left around 3:30pm to bring the food to church.  I stayed to watch some of the rehearsal since I knew I would be at home with Peter and would miss the whole "live" feeling of the program.  The kids ate and then I returned home to tag Brian so he could come and watch the program live.  At the last minute he decided to take Andrew with him for company.  They left in the car.  Brian forgot to take his phone...

Can you figure out what happened AFTER the program?? 

The phone rings with a number I don't recognize.  When I answer it, it's Brian!  He wants to know if I'm coming to church with the van.  

The van? 

"No!  I'm not coming to church with the van!"  Silly! 

"There are too many to fit in the car!" 

"Too many WHAT?"  I couldn't think of what he would be bringing home that wouldn't fit in the car...

"KIDS!" He says.

Silence - while my brain tries to catch up. 

"Oh!  So, then, yeah!  I'm coming up with the van!" 

I had to quickly throw some clothes on Peter and we arrived to find Brian waiting with the kids.  We picked some of the up and were on our way home.  I got some more details from James about the situation.  Brian had borrowed a friend's phone - and that friend heard the whole conversation, including my exasperated "how many what?" comment!  He jokingly said "Too many... cookies?"  

It was hilarious! 

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