Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Red Robin!

Brian and I took a little break and headed out for lunch a couple of days ago.  We hit up our local Red Robin burger joint.  

He had visited with one of the kids a while back and found several burgers on the menu that he wanted to try.  

Out together (alone!)  Woo Hoo!

Even though it was 4pm (kindof an off time) we had a 10 minute wait and the front entry was busy - although we saw several empty tables.  Not sure why they weren't seating people right away. 

Brian ordered the Smoke and Pepper Burger.

His was very good.  I think it was better than mine.

I had the Royal Red Robin Burger. 

It was like the Hangover that James had at Walk-Ons the other week.

I cut it in half and the yolk ran all over.


It was really good.  

We got a little chance to talk and spend time together.  

So nice to have teenagers at home - built in babysitting =) 

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