Friday, April 24, 2015

Peter is SIX!

Six years ago we welcomed Peter into the family!

And today we celebrated!

He requested sticky buns for breakfast.  

It's been years since I've made sticky buns from scratch.  

I started the night before . . . 

The next morning he woke up to this:

For yum!  

I found a new sticky bun recipe.  It's a keeper.  Perhaps I'll share it soon. 

I also made his cake the night before.  

When I asked him what he wanted on the cake he said "A raccoon!"

He gets what he asks for.

There were presents and cards.

Grace enjoyed getting in on the action.


Peter got a huge Sonic the Hedgehog toy that Matthew and I cuddled with.

Time for cake!

Daddy lit the candles.

And we sang!  

He had a great time playing with his new puzzle and games.  He's excited to go shopping with Daddy to spend some of his birthday money!  Thanks everyone for the cards and gifts and phone calls!!

Stay tuned for more of what's up around here . . .

P.S.  I'm just noticing in these pictures that Peter made a shirt change sometime during his party.  He's wearing grey in the picture with Brian and I and then he's wearing his green shirt later . . . don't ask me  :)


Wife of the Farmer said...

Great pictures! Boy, those kids sure are growing up fast! Love you all! xo

marysmith said...

Cute cake! It hard to believe Peters already six years already. The time goes fast,