Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Team Smith Takes Texas!

Last Friday we packed up the van and headed West.  James was going to play keyboard for the worship service at a church in Crosby, Texas and Brian had to work in Deer Park on Monday so we decided we'd make it a mini vacation for the family.  

We got a later start than we had hoped (as usual), and got caught in some Baton Rouge traffic.

Coming up to the Mississippi River Bridge

Mighty Mississippi

Matthew along for the ride. 

Road trips mean pit stops and our first one was at a Taco Bell somewhere in Louisiana.  

Alyssa volunteered to get Matthew's drink but, after she filled it up, he discovered she had gotten him ice.

He didn't want ice.

Peter came by so we asked him.

He likes ice in his drink. 

So Matthew changed his mind.  How easily he's influenced. 

Matthew showing Daddy his latest trick.

We're so proud of him.

Grace is too little for Taco Bell - but she was happy anyway. 

The kids like the taller tables with the stools.  

We made it across the border just after dark.

We traveled for a couple few more hours thanks to our rogue GPS and finally stumbled to bed very late.

Stay tuned for more from our Texas Adventure.

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