Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saturday in Texas

We started out our day with HOTEL BREAKFAST!  The kids love it.  I'm kind of a fan too.  Nothing like heading down to the lobby for waffles and  yogurt in the morning.  

We headed over to the church for the kids Super Saturday where James would be playing keyboard.  

I have a video of him playing with the team.  It's James on the keyboard and Jerry on the drums and three sisters from our church singing.  It's a little hard to see James - he's on the far right.

After the service we left James to help with some kids games and lunch and the rest of us did some exploring around town.  

We found a nice park on the shores of Lake Houston with the help of the lady at the hotel desk. 

Grace's first time in a swing.  She was having fun with Daddy!

After playing for awhile we met James back at the hotel and headed out for dinner at Italiano's down the road.  

Where Matthew zonked out at the table with his pizza in hand.  

Stay tuned for Sunday and how our van got across the Houston Ship Channel without driving.

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