Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunday in Texas

After church on Sunday morning we decided to drive down to where Brian and James were going to be working on Monday and do some sightseeing.  

Houston has a huge network of freeways and tollways which can be confusing.  Interestingly, it was almost a straight shot down from the church to Deer Park by way of a ferry.  

We didn't really remember ever being on a ferry - and we knew for sure that our van hadn't ever so we headed that way. 

While waiting in line we looked up the Lynchburg Ferry on Wikipedia - interesting stuff, you should check it out.  

Waiting - we didn't fit on this one so we had to wait for it to cross, unload and come back.  They were only running one of the ferries.

We're on our way!  I was nervous that they would get a look at our van and turn us away because of the size, but we were good.

Ferry!  Woo Hoo! 

At the other shore we got out to explore the Battleship Texas.

Gracie was so excited she passed out.  Ha!  She was just sleeping.

We got closer and had a little DIY tour courtesy of Wikipedia.  

I make a pretty good tour guide I think.

We wandered around the area a little bit more.  

Then it was time to get back in the van and head across the street to the Battle of San Jacinto Monument.

James can't wait!

What?!?  BACK in the VAN?

Oh, okay - he he.

The Battle of San Jacinto Monument is pretty cool.  

The monument is faced with shellstone - it was really cool to look at.

Jon - took my phone to take pictures.

Yay Texas!

There was a museum at the base of the monument so we went inside to check it out.

3 dollar bill

50 cent bill - hahaha!

Lots of paintings and dioramas to look at.

Sam Houston

Notice Peter in the background of the following photo with his hands clasped behind his back (Jon is doing it too).  I instructed the boys to hold their hands like this so they wouldn't touch anything - hahahaha!

Andrew is loving this museum.  It was about now that I took the three youngest boys outside.  But first Peter asked me if he could unclasp his hands when we got out there.  I said sure.

I'm nice like that.

Three brothers!  First a nice picture.  

And then a couple of goofy ones.

It was about now that it started to rain and the museum was closing so we headed back toward the hotel. 

The kids did some swimming, I washed some clothes and we ate dinner before heading to bed.  

Stay tuned for our last day in Texas.

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