Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Six Months, Toy Aisle, Tennis and James

Grace is six months old this week.  

Can hardly believe it.  

She's eating baby food and getting cuter all the time.  

She's not crawling yet, but is awesome at turning around while on her tummy.  

She also sleeps like a CHAMP!  

Love her!

Took the boys (and Grace) to Target last week while the girls were at Spanish class. 

The results:

Terrorizing the toy aisle!


Last weekend there was a little tennis activity at the neighborhood tennis center. 

Andrew was there.

And Jon too.

Notice the construction in the background.  Apparently we're finally getting a new playground and splash ground put in.  Can't wait until it's finished.

Grace and I sweated it out in the shade.  

Wonder why they don't have this tennis activity in January . . . 

James is having a big week too.

First day of senior year at LSU. 

Getting his photo for his driver's license at the DMV.

Yes, he's officially driving now.  

He's doing really well and it's nice not having to shuttle him back and forth everywhere!  

Stay tuned . . . 

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