Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Baby, A Birthday and a Bean Burger

Gracie got a fancy dress from a nice lady at church.  

She was all dolled up last Sunday.

Gracie and Daddy

After church we celebrated Jon's 9th birthday.

We had presents and cards.

And a strawberry cake.

Nice face - her gums have been bothering her - poor thing.

A few months ago one of the boys got a clown nose at the party store.  So some of us decided to clown around with it.

This guy!!  What a cutie!

As a little adventure, I made some black bean burgers. 

No meat, avocado slices on top and chipotle mayonaise.  

They were pretty good.  I'll be perfecting the recipe in time for your visit next May, Grampa!  

And finally, Grace tried some baby food last week for the first time.  

A little bit of squash.

Seat belts taste good too. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more . . .  

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