Monday, May 7, 2012

Just Checking . . .

I haven't had time to post anything lately but ran into an issue with my photos.  I thought that maybe my web album was full.  Every time I put a picture on the blog it uploads it to a Picasa web album and it is saying I'm at 100%.  So I wanted to add a few photos and see if it would let me. 

Here are some self portraits of James. 

I love seeing the pictures on his phone.  

Is this a typical teenager look or what? 

Here he is at school.


We'll see if these will post correctly.  Hopefully this won't be the end of the blog.  I am NOT paying to upgrade my photo storage :)

In other news . . . James finished his second final exam today.  Three more tests and then SUMMER BREAK.  It's a good thing.  


The Resident Farmer said...

YO! Dude!

Farmer's Wife said...

Good looking young man there!!