Thursday, May 10, 2012

He's Done! (And mouse news)

Today James took his last final exam.  So he is done with his first year of school!  Yay James! 

Can you say 'Math Party'?? 

Tonight we are celebrating with pizza and games.  I will try and post some pictures in a couple of days. 

Also, in mouse news . . . you may remember the post where Brian caught a mouse in the lid of our BBQ grill.  Well the other day I was coming home from somewhere and I was met at the door with lots of excitement. 

"Mom!  Come and see a surprise for you!" 

Wow!  I thought - maybe an early Mother's Day present.  The kids lead me to the patio door and showed me

a little mouse head and some intestines. 

Believe it or not - I WAS excited!!  This meant that something had eaten one of the mice terrorizing our patio. 



Farmer's Wife said...


The Resident Farmer said...

Congratulations James! Mommy, you're supposed to catch the mice.

Farmer's Wife said...

A BIG congratulations to James on completing his first year of college!! We are SO proud of him!!