Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crawfish Boil

Today we attended another crawfish boil hosted by Brian's work.  It poured rain for awhile before we were supposed to leave and while we were driving there. 

Our van got a little stuck in the mud but we made it out okay.  

James and Alyssa started playing pool.  But Alyssa decided it was boring so I finished for her.  James beat me - but not by much.

There were bins and buckets of chips everywhere.  Very easy access for hungry three year olds. 

Andrew found Orange Fanta in a cooler.  And you can see the bottom half of Matthew chasing after something. 

This is what he was chasing after.  Ginger the dog - turns out she is the neighbor's dog.  Hmm.  She was very comfortable at the party.

The owners of the house also have a horse.  Someone was trying to saddle it up for rides for the kids, but the horse wasn't cooperating.  I had kinda decided that our kids shouldn't ride it because he was just being ornery.  So, I was watching Matthew and heard someone say "Who wants to go first?"  I turned around to see Faith in the paddock getting on.  Yikes!  The horse was being led while they rode.  Faith, Alyssa and Jon all took a turn and let's just say that Jon's ride sealed the deal that Andrew wouldn't be going.  Oh well.  He got over it and no one got hurt.  :)

We mostly ate burgers and hot dogs.  Brian and James are the only ones of us who had any crawfish - and not many.  The kids came home with armloads of snacks, stuffed animals, coloring books, bubbles and kites. 

All in all it was good - and we've met our crawfish quota for the year - yay!

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